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What To Know Before You Go

Ask Yourself...
  1. Why do I want to study abroad?
  2. What are my personal, academic, and social goals?
  3. What do I need to do in order to succeed?
  • If you live on campus, let Mike Robilotto and his staff in Residence Life know that you will not be on campus for the time you intend to be abroad.
  • At the end of your semester or year, make sure to have an official transcript sent and try to get an unofficial copy to take home with you.
  • When you return to campus, you will be asked to participate in a reentry session to talk about your experiences abroad.


Prior Approvals:

Once you have applied and been accepted by both the Castleton Study Abroad Office and your specific study abroad program, you will begin the process of having your courses pre-approved by working with your academic advisor and study abroad coordinator. Your course “Prior Approval Form  must be completed before any federal financial aid can be awarded. Having your courses approved prior to your departure ensures that you will receive appropriate transfer credit for them once you've earned a passing grade.


 for the Pre-Departure powerpoint
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