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Study Abroad Procedures


1. Go to the study abroad page of Castleton: and hover over the area of the world where you would like to study.

2- On the left hand side find your country of choice and click on it.

3- Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the providers with whom we work. Click the + sign to see their offerings.

4- Click on the different offerings to explore them before you choose one.

5- Look how much does the program cost and make sure you can afford it.

5.a. Read carefully to see if the program includes room and board or if housing and meals are above and beyond the cost of the program.

5.b. Look at the deadlines and how much is due when.

5.c. PLAN AHEAD. Make a plan, write it in your calendar and make sure you can meet the financial deadlines.

Yes, you may use your financial aid for your study abroad and you do not have to pay tuition at Castleton when you are abroad. For further Financial Aid questions, contact Teresa McCormack in Financial Aid.

6- Create an account in the Castleton study abroad page. Then from the left column apply to the program of your choice. This is only for Castleton !!!

7- On the Castleton page: apply to the program of your choice. You will see that eight forms appear on your Castleton account.

8- Go to the Provider Web page and apply; yes this is a two step process.

9-Once you receive your acceptance email from the provider, print it and upload it to the Castleton page.

10- Make sure your passport will be current 6 months beyond the date of your return from abroad. 

11- Go to the Castleton page and print the Prior Approval Form. Once you know the courses you may be taking complete the Prior Approval Form and make sure the chair of the course‚Äôs department signs the form.  Then scan the Prior approval form and upload it to the Castleton web page. This form assures you that Castleton will transfer the credits in as well as the grades.

12- Fill the rest of the required forms in the Castleton page.

13- Attend mandatory pre-departure orientation at Castleton.

14- Upon arrival in your place of studies, email and and tell us exactly which courses you are taking.

15- Attend mandatory re-entry session

Castleton University Study Abroad Office